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  1. The booking form implies acceptance of the campsite rules and the conditions below.
  2. Each booking is for the named person and can not be given up or rented to anybody else.
  3. Children not accompanied by a parent (the father or the mother or grand parents) are not accepted.
  4. The booking takes effect only with the agreement of the campsite and is subject to availability. After we receive your deposit, you will be sent a letter of confirmation.
  5. Formalities : Every person who wishes to stay at the campsite, has to first report to reception with proof of identity and to complete the formalities requested by the police.
  6. Free wristband : All guest of the campsite will be issued with the wristband for their security and use of the campsite facilities. The wristband must not be removed during your stay.
  7. Visitors and supplements : After authorisation by the management, visitors can go into the campsite under the responsibility of the people who receive them. Visitors have to pay on arrival. No visitor is allowed in the campsite after 9:00 pm. Visitors cars and pets are not allowed in the campsite.
  8. The Swimming-pool : Swimming shorts are strictly forbidden, only swimming trunks may be worn. A shower is compulsory before you enter the swimming-pool. Parents are always responsible for their children in the swimming-pool (and at the playground).
  9. Barbecue : Electrical barbecue +1000 watt are forbidden.
  10. Deposits : Some deposits will be asked for on arrival and returned on departure (except in case of loss or damage, or if the property is not in the same clean condition as when you arrived).
  11. Insurance : Each guest must be insured for civil liability. The campsite refuses to accept any liability in case of theft, fire, disasters ,etc. and in case of problems due to civil liability of the guest.
  12. Cancellation : It must be done in writing (e-mail, letter). Phone call are not considered.
  13. Interior rules : They can be read at the reception. Each person coming into the campsite is asked to respect them. In case of breaking of the interior rules, the direction can warn the resident to stop the trouble and/or has the right to evict them without any warning.
  14. Guest can only check in or check out during business hours.
  15. From 10 p.m till 8 a.m, you had to respect your neighbourg’s rest.
  16. We are unable to garantee the pitch number you ask for.
  17. The campsite reserves the option to use any video and photographs in which you appear in its publications.
  18. If arrive outside office hours we will ask you fees (€30 per late hours). We ask you to inform us by mail of any eventual late arrival.

Openning Hours of the Office : In Low Season : Everyday between 9 am till 12 : 00 & 2pm till 7 pm. In Hight Season : Everyday between 8 : 30 am til 9 pm.




.  A deposit of  €100  + € 9 booking fees must be paid at the time of booking. If the cost of your stay is less than the € 100, only the cost of your stay + € 9 booking fees are to be paid.

The remaining balance must be paid on the 1st day of your arrival.

. A deposit of € 20 will be required on arrival for the magnetic card for the barrier. Barrier are close between 10.30am to 7am from the 01/04 til 23/09.

. Animals : Only 2 domestic animals, kept on a lead and vaccinated, is accepted per pitch for a daily charge. You will have to provide their vaccination documents and tattoo number on arrival. It’s forbidden to leave the animal alone on the campsite. The owners have a civil responsibility for their pets. Your animal is firmly forbidden from entering the toilet blocks or the swimming-pool. Make sure that for hygiene reasons dogs do not foul on the campsite.

. Electricity : Is 6 Amps or 10 Amps. All guests who want a pitch with electricity will have to bring an extension lead (25 to 50 metres long maximum) suitable for outdoor use. The connection will be made with a cable of the required standard (it must be earthed). The resident will be responsible for his own materiel in case of defect or accident.

. The pitch is available after 2:00 pm on the day of arrival, and must be vacated before 12:00 on the day of departure. One additional day must be paid, if you leave after this time.

. If you need to arrive later than planned, you must inform us in writing (e-mail or letter), or your pitch will become available 24 hours after the arrival date writing on the booking form, the full payment will be required.

Cancellation : If you cancel your stay, the deposit of € 100 will be retained by the campsite.

. Do not park your car on one near pitch even if it seems vacant. Personn may arrive at any time of the day.



. A partial payment has to be paid on booking : 25% of the total cost of your stay + € 9 booking fees if you book at least 30 days before your arrival. 100 % of the cost of your stay + € 9 booking fees  must be paid if you book less than 30 days before your arrival.

.The full amount of the stay must be paid 30 days before arrival, without notice. If the full payment isn’t received 30 days before arrival, your booking will be cancelled, and the partial payment will be retained by the campsite.

. The cost of the stay is calculated from the dates written on the booking form, thus no reduction will be granted in the case of a late arrival or early departure.

. The number of visitors added to the number of residents can not be greater than : 4 people for a cottage 1 bedroom, 6 people for a cottage with 2 bedrooms and 8 people for a cottage with 3 bedrooms, children included.

. Deposits : A deposit of € 100  + the price of Cleanning fee (€60, €90, or €120) is to be paid on arrival. The money will be given back on departure, after a check inside the cottage. The management will charge repair expenses if the mobile-home was damaged, or if some equipment is missing or broken. These costs will be taken from the deposit. A cleaning fee of your Cottage category  will also be deducted form the deposit if the mobile-home is not handed back in the same clean state as when you arrived. If you leave early, the deposit will be sent by post, after the checks have been made. The deposit will not replace your liability, you have to be insured for civil liability.

. Animals : They are forbidden in the rented cottages.

. Tents are not allowed on the pitch around the cottage.

. You have to use sheets on the beds. Sheets are available for hire if you wish.

. Arrivals and departures :

          For a week : Saturday from 4:00 pm to Saturday before 10:00 am in season.

          Mid-weeks : Arrival Monday from 4:00 pm & Departure Friday by 10:00 am except week end off

         Week-end 2 nights and week-end off : Arrival & Departure at 4:00 pm

         (Week-end off = 3 nights minimum)

. Cancellation : The following will be retained :

  1. a) 25% of the cost of the stay, if you cancel more than 30 days before the specified arrival date.
  2. b) 100% of the stay, if you cancel less than 30 days before the specified arrival date or if you do not sign in on the specified arrival date.

Payment of the deposit means a firm commitment : If you cancel your stay, your deposit will be retained by the campsite. To insure against this, it is recommended that you take out a cancellation insurance. It should cover the cost of your deposit in certain circumstances.

The FFCC “multi-avantages” card card includes this service see the document on our website. Any disagreements about the interpretation or legality of this contract will be solved by the appropriate courts in Coutances.



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