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The Chausey Islands

Chausey is unique in Europe for its beauty and high tides. The archipelago of Chausey groups 365 islands at low tide and 52 at high tide, the big island is located 17 km from Granville.

You will find there, hotel, restaurants, a fort, very beautiful white sand beaches, a chapel built in 1840, a fishing village. Less than an hour’s boat trip from Granville , the preserved nature of this archipelago, paradise of fishermen, will amaze you. During the crossing, you may even have the joy of seeing dolphins.

The big hold

Reserved for fishermen and stars coming from the mainland, it was built at the beginning of the First World War by the German prisoners of the Fort.

The lighthouse

Commissioned October 15, 1847, it rises 39 meters above the highest seas.

The fort

Wanted by Napoleon III and completed in 1866, it housed 300 German and Austrian prisoners during the First World War and a small garrison of the Third Reich during the Second. Today it is inhabited by fishermen’s families.

The semaphore

Built in 1867 at the top of the Gros-Mont hill (highest point of the Big Island with 31 meters of altitude), it has been decommissioned since 1939.

The ranges

Chausey has six beaches of fine white sand, three of which are large for tourists and swimming. And also the farm, one of the first buildings of the island, the village of Blainvillais and the small hold.

The chapel

Built around 1850, it’s a stained glass windows by Yves Durand from Saint-Front (son of Marin-Marie), a more beautiful Louis XIV altar and two models of sailboats .

The Baudry and Lambert Towers

They are on the path to the lighthouse. These towers were erected in the middle of the 19th century, in order to put an end to quarrels between Granvillais and Cancalais.

A protected natural area.

The natural heritage of Chausey is designated as a site of community interest and a special protection area under the Natura 2000 European network. The archipelago is also a site of the Conservatoire du Littoral which owns part of the Big Island and is awarded the 5000 ha of the maritime public domain of the archipelago. The management of this protected area is entrusted to SyMEL (Syndicat Mixte Littoral Spaces of the Channel). Two Gardes du Littoral present all year round take care of this exceptional heritage. To preserve this sensitive space, it is important to ensure compliance with the regulations.

More information: www.symel. en

Marin’s house

Naval painter and navigator Paul Marin Durand Couppel of Saint-Front (Marin Marie) considered Chausey his home port. He bought a house at the foot of the chapel.

The castle

Located on the west coast of the island, the castle built in 1559 was restored in 1923 by industrialist Louis Renault, who fell in love with Chausey.