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Granville and its coast

In the Mont Saint-Michel bay, Granville “the corsair city” has been converted into a seaside resort. Granville, also called the “Monaco of the North”, reigns during the holidays, all year long! Discover the pedestrian streets, the upper town, the fishing port, the gusset, the Dior house, the covered market, not forgetting its treasure … Chausey.

Stroll around Granville, dare to swim in the sea and enjoy a snack in one of the charming tea houses!

From 1450, the Granville boats fish for cod in Newfoundland. Over the centuries, Granville has become an important cod-fish port, like its neighbour Brittany Saint-Malo.

Homeport of the Maritia

The Maritie is the last wooden earthenware. Ultimate witness of the great fishing on the banks of Newfoundland, the Marité found in Granville its home port. After serving as a coaster, pleasure boat and even traveling television set for the Thalassa show, the old wooden rig has undergone several years of restoration. The project started in Cherbourg, was continued in Saint-Vaast and ended in Granville in June 2012.

France’s leading shellfish port

With scallops, prairies, cuttlefishes, almonds and gray bream, Granville is the first shellfish port of France. Stop by this small corsair city and indulge in some gourmet delights around a seafood platter.

Upper Town

A detour to the old town is a must! Inside the ramparts, you will discover mansions, the museum of modern art Richard Anacréon and the museum of Old Granville. From the historic heart of Granville, a nice walk will take you to the Roc, where you can visit the aquarium Rock of Harmonies and the Semaphore.

Granville Beach Resort

From the end of the 19th century, Granville was converted into a seaside resort, very popular in Normandy. It is good to stay there and be calmed by the atmosphere found only in this port. Today, Granville continues to represent the sweetness of life that attracts many holidaymakers.

Corsair City

Under Louis XIV, Granville, a dynamic port teeming with sailors, provided a certain number of privateers for the royal service and 15 admirals including Pléville Le Pelley, “the corsair on the wooden leg”.


The island district of Granville, the pride of the granvillais is the archipelago Chausey ! It is an island with paradisiacal landscapes, less than an hour away from Granville. Landing there is a moment of grace … Discover Chausey, its white sand beaches and spend a moment away from time.

Reservation is possible at our reception desk for regular crossings from Granville.

Christian Dior’s house

Christian Dior’s house became a museum. It was the childhood home of Christian Dior and now it hosts every year wonderful exhibitions dedicated to the couturier. Discover also its garden, an enchanting place where flowers and scents arouse your senses!

Events all year round

– The Granville Carnival 

– The Bath Outings Festival , July

Outdoor Cinema , July

night welders , August

Jazz in the Bay , August

Sails of work , end of August

All the sea on a platter  September

Not to mention the Great tides all year !!!

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